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Kunskapsmedia Group is a Swedish producer and distributor of educational films and clips. The business started in 2003 and we have now over 1,000 films and 1,000 film clips in most school subjects for primary and secondary schools. We value quality highly; our films and clips all meet the curriculum guidelines and are produced in close cooperation with educators, teachers and experts.

We distribute our films with non-theatrical rights for educational purposes to schools, Mediacenters, companies, libraries, institutions and organizations. Our films are also used in various countries around the world. 

We are looking for new films

We are constantly looking for new films and new areas to market in Sweden.

We are looking for new distributors

We are looking for new distributors for our films in Finland, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, USA, France and Germany, among others. A selection of our films are available in English versions (with English narration and English graphics).

Contact Ida Karlsson, production manager, directly at